Hard & software engineering including EMC and vibration tests
We received the order to develop and produce a customized I/O interface for mobile use in a demanding environment.
Design and delivery
From the first sketch to a finished product, we helped Stringo to replace DC-contactors and automotive relays for their new generation of automovers.
Product development project
We helped Hybricon to develop a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) for their electric buses. With the use of high current copper PCB´s and pressfit technology, a significant size reduction is achieved compared to earlier used control panels.
Assembly and encapsulation
A task that involved the assembly of components and cabling for wireless internet access in trains. All equipment encapsulated in robust housings.
Development and design
We were asked to develop a cost effective universal signal I/O unit for their upcoming simulators. The final result/product is called UIU (Universal I/O Unit).
Deliveries and support
We deliver hardware, software, design services and support. Our deliveries are used on their mobile crushers.
Efficiency in assembly factory
Machines for handling of aircraft parts. We made hardware design, built the electric system and installed the cable looms.
Design for a unique truck
Our mission was to design the electrical distribution and control system for the Maxtruck 2T. Because many functions are under high safety restrictions, the design was made to fulfil 13849-1. In 2015, the electrical system was updated with a CAN pushbutton module (CBM8) and a new electrical distribution box, based on a circuit board.
More than just electronics
As a part of an overall commitment, we developed a new joystick palette for their winter road maintenance equipment.
Commissioning aids
We have developed PC applications that simplifies start/commissioning and software management for customers using their control systems.