• Assembling cables | Electrum Automation AB

    Our production facility 

    All our complex systems has been tested, inspected and software has been installed before delivery.
  • Cabling prefabrication | Electrum Automation AB

    Our production facility

    Effective prefabrication of cabling.
  • Serial production capacity

    We can take care of everything for you, from first sketch to serial production and delivery.
  • Skilled employees | Electrum Automation AB

    Our workshop

    We have skilled and experienced employees in our workshop.
  • ESD workshop area | Electrum Automation AB

    Our electronics workshop

    Inspection and final assembly in a separated ESD safe working area.
  • ESD safe | Electrum Automation AB

    ESD-safe workspace

    We have a static free working environment which prevents Electrostatic discharge that otherwise can affect and damage electrical components.
  • Serial production capacity | Electrum Automation AB

    Capacity and knowledge

    We have the capacity, knowledge and competence to handle fairly large-scale production and deliveries.

Our workshop

In our production facility we mainly perform serial final assembly. But also electrical equipment, prototypes and one-off projects are produced here.
Because some system require a little more than just to assembly ready-made parts together, we choose to develop the electronics needed in order to get an optimal solution. All serial production is controlled with our MRP System and is then sent as a manufacturing order down to the workshop.
Through the years, many projects has passed our workshop. About 50% of those has got a CAN-bus based mobile control system.
Did you also know that, besides production and assembly, we perform installation and commissioning of our projects?

Do you want to know more?

My name is Tomas Eriksson. Contact me if you have any questions or thoughts regarding our production.

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