• System testing | Electrum Automation AB

    "Plug n' play" solutions!

    Most of our deliveries of electrical systems are "plug 'n play". The image shows a simple equipment that performs tests all the way to the system's end connectors.
  • Automated test equipment | Electrum Automation AB

    Final test and approval

    We can help you to develop automated test equipment for your systems!

    Heat build-up analysis

    We can perform accurate analyzes of heat build-up in circuit boards or other products.

    We perform EMC tests

    The products EMC performance is always tested in accordance to applicable requirements, or according to customer specific requirement specification.
  • ESD safe testing

    Assure quality through precision tests

    All our electronic products must undergo rigorous testing in ESD safe conditions. By using both automated test scripts and different types of environmental simulation tests, we can secure software and hardware functionality and endurance. Every item holds a detailed testrecord for traceability.
  • Custom test fixtures | Electrum Automation AB

    Testing our circuit boards

    Our circuit boards are tested with taylor made fixtures and always under strict ESD safe conditions.

Production test

Before we deliver systems or sub-systems, we make sure that each important security and functional control has been made. For final test of the electronics, we have developed PC-based and automated testing gear. This means that we can help you to develop a test equipment to secure the quality of your system.
Most of our systems has been designed for production in ready-made modules with cabling. ready for connection to valves and sensors.

Do you want to know more?

My name is Thomas Moström. Contact me if you have any questions or thoughts regarding production tests.

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