• Electrical system prototype | Electrum Automation AB

    Prototypes for electric vehicles

    The image shows one out of many projects involving design, assemble, code and commissioning.
  • Need electrically controlled propulsion?

    We have experience of many different motor controllers and other equipment for battery operated machines, because we have integrated these in a number of customer projects.
  • Marking systems | Electrum Automation AB

    Neat and tidy!

    Because we have experience with many marking systems and drawing standards, we can adapt to your needs.
  • To manage aircraft parts...

    ... A top quality machine is needed. We have supplied hardware design, electrical and cabling systems to many machines in the airplane assembly plants around the world.
  • Fork lift electrical system | Electrum Automation AB

    Unique truck with unique functions!

    The Maxtruck 2T is the truck for which we designed the steering and control system. Because many functions are safety related, the solution was designed to fulfill 13849-1.
  • Automated test equipment | Electrum Automation AB

    Final test and approval

    We can help you to develop automated test equipment for your systems!
  • System testing | Electrum Automation AB

    "Plug n' play" solutions!

    Most of our deliveries of electrical systems are "plug 'n play". The image shows a simple equipment that performs tests all the way to the system's end connectors.
  • A cost-effective end product!

    After the prototype stage, the systems are adjusted for serial production. For example, we set up the production documentation for the cabling, which then can be purchased ready marked and cut with the proper terminals. Everything is done to maintain a cost-effective end product!
  • Our tests are automated

    For final test and approval of our own electronics, we develop automated test equipments. We can help you to develop test equipment for your systems too!
  • Serial production capacity

    We can take care of everything for you, from first sketch to serial production and delivery.
  • ESD safe testing

    Assure quality through precision tests

    All our electronic products must undergo rigorous testing in ESD safe conditions. By using both automated test scripts and different types of environmental simulation tests, we can secure software and hardware functionality and endurance. Every item holds a detailed testrecord for traceability.
  • ESD workshop area | Electrum Automation AB

    Our electronics workshop

    Inspection and final assembly in a separated ESD safe working area.


From first sketch to choice of materials, moving on to prototype and finally manufacturing and serial production. We can deliver from start to finish. Always with an eye on total cost and customer value.