• Riskanalysdokument | Electrum Automation AB

    Make sure that your machine is safe!

    Everything starts with the risk analysis. If the system controls a safety related function in the machine, the requirements have increased since 2012. Let us help you to clarify the concepts!
  • We build for a longer life!

    When our deliveries reach our customers, they are often placed to run in harsh environments. This means higher demands. But we know how to build for a longer life regarding exposure to cold, heat, moist, dust and vibrations.
  • Book shelf | Electrum Automation AB

    New regulations! Again?!

    There are new regulations regarding machines and their control systems for safety-related functions. This means higher demands for proper documentation and execution. Let us help you to clarify the concepts.
  • Sketches on whiteboard | Electrum Automation AB

    From first sketch..

    Every new design starts with hand written notes and sketches. Solutions emerge from customer needs or in-house ideas.

Design & technical investigations

We offer:
  • Concept drawings and technical descriptions
  • Set-up of working drawings and design calculations
  • Review of design documents
  • Technical investigations
From the mechanical drawings, sketches and other customer input, we choose, propotion and assemble electrical equipment for our customer projects. Sometimes we act as a consultant, and sometimes we do all the work ourself.
It's common that our deliveries are placed in harsh environments, giving us high demands to fulfill. We must deliver products that has long and reliable lifetime regarding cold/heat, moisture, dust and vibrations. We are always aware of that.

Do you want to know more?

My name is Thomas Moström. Contact me if you have any questions or thoughts regarding technical investigations.

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