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We know a lot of languages!

For the software, we use the coding language that the hardware was designed for. It can de CoDeSys, C, C++, Java or any of the leading industrial PLC products.

Embedded systems

Standard control systems provided by EPEC and IFM makes it easier for us to create program functions, and are often used as master controllers in our CAN-based projects.
Both EPEC and IFM use CoDeSys, following the IEC 6 113-3 standard.
In order to make our customized designs to operate, we develop software for the microprocessors on PCB level. For this, Atmel has become one of our favorites.
We are members of the CiA (CAN in Automation) organisation.

Do you want to know more?

My name is Tommy Renberg. Contact me if you have any questions or thoughts regarding embedded systems.
Tommy Renberg, Electrum Automation AB

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