Display graphics for WCB remote | Electrum Automation AB

    HMI & PC applications

    Today, to have a display on a machine is more of a rule than exception. We can offer both HMI applications and customized PC applications, as well as web server based solutions using our own WCB module.
    Coding language graphics | Electrum Automation AB

    We know a lot of languages!

    For the software, we use the coding language that the hardware was designed for. It can de CoDeSys, C, C++, Java or any of the leading industrial PLC products.
    High-tech instrument | Electrum Automation AB

    We always perform health checks!

    Commissioning is a natural part of a project. We always perform health checks of the CAN buses with our analyse equipment before delivery.
    Epec module | Electrum Automation AB

    Small volumes = Standard control systems

    Using a standard control system from EPEC or IFM makes it easier and faster to develop the program functions. They both use CoDeSys, which is a tool you can use free of charge.
  • Micro processor | Electrum Automation AB

    Embedded systems

    To make our designs funtion properly, it is necessary to develop software for the microprocessors. The Cortex family has become one of our favorites.
  • High-tech instruments | Electrum Automation AB

    Great knowledge and latest technology

    Skilled and professional staff combined with high-tech instruments is a keystone when designing and producing high quality products.


We use the coding language that the hardware was designed for. It can be CoDeSys, C, C++, Java or dedicated tools from the big manufacturers. Want to challenge our knowledge in CAN-bus based systems? We feel confident with our deep knowledge and competence in this field!