• Elektronik Electrum Automation AB

    We can help you all the way

    To shorten the path between idea and reality we have invested in a SLA 3D printer from FormLabs. It prints realistic products in hours with resolution down to 0,025mm resolution. The material “Tough” is just as it´s name says and performs well as substitute for injection molded plastic parts.

  • Hydraulik Electrum Automation AB

    How do you want to develop your mobile machine?

    In mobile equipment, hydraulics is often used. We know how to implement the control algorithms to get the desired result. Welcome to contact us!
  • Micro processor | Electrum Automation AB

    Embedded systems

    To make our designs funtion properly, it is necessary to develop software for the microprocessors. The Cortex family has become one of our favorites.
    Display graphics for WCB remote | Electrum Automation AB

    HMI & PC applications

    Today, to have a display on a machine is more of a rule than exception. We can offer both HMI applications and customized PC applications, as well as web server based solutions using our own WCB module.
    High-tech instrument | Electrum Automation AB

    We always perform health checks!

    Commissioning is a natural part of a project. We always perform health checks of the CAN buses with our analyse equipment before delivery.
    Epec module | Electrum Automation AB

    Small volumes = Standard control systems

    Using a standard control system from EPEC or IFM makes it easier and faster to develop the program functions. They both use CoDeSys, which is a tool you can use free of charge.
    Coding language graphics | Electrum Automation AB

    We know a lot of languages!

    For the software, we use the coding language that the hardware was designed for. It can de CoDeSys, C, C++, Java or any of the leading industrial PLC products.
  • Operation & installation

    We have used mobile control systems (based on CAN-bus) in a great part of all our completed projects. Did you also know that we can perform installation and commissioning of our designs?
  • Custom made electrical units

    Electrical units in harsh vehicle and industrial environments demands perfect materials and knowledge. Contact us for more information!
  • Why make it more difficult than it is?

    Sometimes it is more suitable to use regular mass produced electrical components. If it is, of course we use them.
  • Book shelf | Electrum Automation AB

    New regulations! Again?!

    There are new regulations regarding machines and their control systems for safety-related functions. This means higher demands for proper documentation and execution. Let us help you to clarify the concepts.
  • Riskanalysdokument | Electrum Automation AB

    Make sure that your machine is safe!

    Everything starts with the risk analysis. If the system controls a safety related function in the machine, the requirements have increased since 2012. Let us help you to clarify the concepts!
  • In-house products | Electrum Automation AB

    In-house product development

    Feeling frustrated because you can't find the part you're looking for? We know the feeling, and therefore we often choose to develop that missing part in-house. Some of our products, available to public, can be found in our products page.
  • Great development climate | Electrum Automation AB

    A good development climate

    Working closely together and sharing knowledge with each other is beneficial in all of our development processes.

Design services

Technical design and development of both products and processes is part of our everyday work. Always aiming to deliver smart and efficient solutions to our customers.
Roughly categorized, we work with hardware, software and technical investigations. Read more in the submenu below.