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Your next innovation partner?

With short and quick decision paths, strong engagement and a high level of innovation, we are more than happy to be your next innovation partner in your next project.

About Electrum Automation AB

Electrum Automation AB's core business is system integration and product development, mostly within electronics and machine equipment. We produce and supply parts or complete solutions for leading manufacturers of machines and vehicles.
Our staff is experienced and has a high level of competence within both hardware and software development, and also how to assemble and integrate them into fully functional systems.
We have extensive knowledge in development of electronics and software for CAN-based systems, soft- and hardware development for safety related steering and control, according to EN ISO 13849-1. We can also offer customer specific investigation services.
We are working with reputable quality suppliers. Being a small corporation, we have the advantage of being able to adjust our working process very quickly and deliver optimal solutions in each project.
Electrum Automation AB was founded in 1988. From our headquarters in Umeå, we work with a worldwide customer base.
Our mission:
To be a true innovation partner, with turnkey solutions for electrical systems for machinery and vehicles.
To accomplish that, we shall:
  1. Develop and manufacture safe, reliable and intelligent electrical systems with a low total cost.
  2. Supplying customer such added value, so that each delivery will be the beginning of a new order.
  3. Strengthen and develop our staff so that we become an attractive partner for customers and suppliers.
Postal address:
Electrum Automation AB
Industrivägen 8
90130 Umeå
+46 90 18 45 50
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